Vaisala K-PATENTS® Process Refractometers for Pulp and Paper Industries

Vaisala provides Process Refractometers for measuring dry solids, liquid density, concentration and TTA (Total Titratable Alkali) in kraft chemical recovery operations.

The purpose is to optimise energy-intensive operations. This means e.g. optimising the consumption of pulp chemicals and usage of water in washing, reducing steam usage and maximising capacity of evaporators, and controlling green liquor in causticising. Furthermore, recovery boiler safety can be increased and better paper quality in paper sizing can be achieved by improving the process instrumentation.



Products for Chemical recovery
Retractable process refractometer for measuring black liquor dry solids and green liquor density or TTA in Kraft chemicals recovery process and Digital divert control system for a safe operation of Kraft chemical recovery boilers.


Products for Fiberline
Retractable process refractometer for Brown Stock Washing Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) control and optimization.

  Products for Paper sizing
Process refractometers for measuring concentration of sizing liquids (starch, CMC, PVA) in cooking and size press circulation system.