Vaisala K-PATENTS® General Type Probe Process Refractometer PR-43-GP

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The Vaisala K-PATENTS® probe process refractometer PR-43-GP system consists of a probe refractometer and a graphical display or physical device as user interface. The refractometer is a stand-alone device capable of operating independently. It has a measurement range of 0 to 100 % and it provides an Ethernet or 4–20 mA output signal proportional to the temperature-compensated concentration value for real-time process control. Different user interface options range from a rugged, multi-channel, industrial computer to a compact light-weight and a web-based version, and allow the user to select the most preferred way to access and use the refractometer measurement and diagnostics data.

The PR-43-GP refractometer is an ideal heavy-duty instrument with non-weld body construction for measuring the liquid concentrations in diverse oil and gas industry applications. K-Patents Process refractometer PR-43-G is designed for harsh environments that can be corrosive, abrasive, subject to extreme temperatures, pressures, vibration or contamination, humidity and dust, or any combinations of these factors. It is installed in the main processing line, bypass line or vessel either directly with Flange process connection, or via a large variety of cost-effective and easy to mount flow cell options. The user interface of the refractometer can be installed locally in the field, remotely in the control room or in both locations by connecting several user interfaces in a network.

Vaisala also provides full range of start-up, commissioning and technical support services to our customers. Our oil and gas industry expertise includes supply of extensive vendor documentation that is tailored and applied to each contract and client specific data requirements. Furthermore, our extensive control of all activities in oil and gas industry procurement process secures quality supply of products, contracted services and documentation.

The Multichannel user interface MI provides the highest level of industrial computing, intelligence and sophisticated features as well as environmental protection.

  • High-performance, industrial computing system
  • Expandable system and connectivity for up to four (4) PR-43-G refractometers and eight (8) I/O modules
  • Environmentally sealed IP67, Type 4X (door closed), IP 66 (door open), rugged 316 stainless steel enclosure. Also for demanding field and outdoor conditions (-40−50°C, -40−122°F)
  • Prism wash diagnostics and control
  • Trend display that shows one or two graphs over a selected period of time.
  • Embedded measurement apps: The apps are small programs that give different types of measurement data and functionality
  • Modules, e.g. mA-output and mA-input module
  • 10” graphical touchscreen color display
  • 21 CFR 11 compliant user identification and management, electronic data records and data-logging, event log/audit trail.
  • Single device connectivity
  • Local and/or remote display and access
  • Light-weight, aluminum enclosure for control room conditions and epoxy coated IP66, Type 4X enclosure with polycarbonate display shield for field conditions
  • Trend display
  • 10” graphical touchscreen color display.
  • Web browser interface via Ethernet connection to a control system or any type of computer
  • Output values are transmitted through 4-20 mA output and output values, diagnostic information and trends are transmitted via an Ethernet connection using a UDP/IP protocol.
  • Universal calibration of each sensor: All sensors are freely interchangeable.
  • Full range, nD = 1.3200...1.5300 corresponds to hot water...100 % by weight.
  • Completely digital system: particles and bubbles do not affect operation or accuracy.
  • Patented CORE-optics: no drift, no re-calibration, no mechanical adjustments.
  • Special wetted parts materials such as AISI 316L stainless steel, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C276/ASTM C276, Nickel 200/201, Titanium GR2/ATM B348 GR2 available.
  • Protection class IP67/Type 4X (for outdoor use).
  • Prism wash option as well as hazardous and intrinsic safe approvals for hazardous area installations.
  • Process temperature range: -40°C...150°C (-40 °F...302 °F).
  • PR-43-GP Refractometer has a built-in web server with an instrument homepage. The homepage allows for configuring, monitoring, verifying and diagnosing the refractometer via an Ethernet connection.
  • Fast process temperature measurement by built-in Pt1000 and automatic temperature compensation.
  • Easy on-site instrument verification within users’ own quality assurance system and standard Refractive Index liquids.