Vaisala K-PATENTS® Process Refractometers for the Chemical and Miscellaneous Industries

K-Patents provides Process Refractometers for accurate in-line concentration measurements in chemical and various other industrial process applications. The purpose is to control the raw and in-process materials in order to to get the maximum value from the materials and to achieve high quality end products.


Vaisala K-PATENTS® General Type Process Refractometer PR-43
A general industry refractometer and a user selectable graphical user interface for pipe and vessel installations in industrial applications. Special wetted parts materials available. Non-incendive (Ex n) and intrinsic safety (Ex ia) approvals available for hazardous area installations.


PR-23 Vaisala K-PATENTS® General Type Process Refractometer PR-23
A general industry refractometer for large pipe sizes and vessel installations, a general industry compact refractometer for the small pipeline and bypass line applications, a heavy-duty refractometer for chemically aggressive liquids in large-scale production and in large pipe sizes and a compact refractometer for chemically aggressive solutions and ultra-pure fine chemical processes.


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