Webinar About Development and Production of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

When a highly regulated pharma industry has a change in the regulatory environment towards supporting the adoption of new manufacturing technologies, a fundamental transformation is about to begin. The costly and time-consuming batch-processing can be changed to continuous manufacturing model. By applying powerful control solutions and analyzers that provide data and implement the necessary feedback control, product quality enhances while helping avoid the extra costs and time delays of waste and errors. K-PATENTS® technologies are in the core of producing pharmaceuticals and using the refractive index in liquid measurement can significantly increase productivity with accurate data, better process control, monitoring and validation.

Invitation to the Webinar

We are pleased to announce the first webinar by K-Patents in cooperation with Vaisala on June 12th. We will focus on how to control different manufacturing steps of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient or API, which is the central ingredient in any drug with its disease curing value. The complete webinar title is “The Benefits of Refractive Index (RI) in Development and Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)”.

On this one-hour session on with a section for questions, our topical experts will go through the refractive index technology and benefits when pharma factories transfer from batch processes to continuous manufacturing under the Process Analytical Technology (PAT) framework supporting process understanding, and predictable and efficient manufacturing.

The K-Patents application note for API production is available here

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