K-Patents on Solid Ground in Poland

A major sugar producer in Poland and a local engineering company have installed K-Patents Process Refractometers to all of their sugar mills. They started using the first K-Patents units in 2002 in few mills and due to their excellent performance they have placed several orders with K-Patents over the years.

The customer has implemented the K-Patents Process Refractometers for the vacuum pan and molasses. Molasses, the syrup left from the final crystallization stage, is a viscous by-product of the beet sugar process. The intermediate syrup, called green syrup, is recycled within the crystallization plant to maximize extraction.

Recently, they installed refractometers on vacuum pans and molasses at all their group's sugar mills. With the automation, the sugar mills will improve the control of crystallization and increase the yield in low purity sugar and molasses.

The refractometers for the molasses are equipped for automatic cleaning in a difficult environment. The typical concentration ranges are 50-85 Brix or 65-95 Brix.