K-Patents gathers experts to discuss Brown Stock Optimization possibilities

K-Patents gathers experts to discuss Brown Stock Optimization possibilities. In the seminar some of today's top pulp mill fiberline optimization and wash efficiency concerns along with the latest developments in fiberline control using real time refractive index measurement and advanced process control technology will be discussed by pulp mill process experts, professors and researchers from technical universities of Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia and others.

For the third time K-Patents process optimization seminar brings respected industry professionals under the same roof. The topics under discussion include the latest academic research results, field experiences and key process aids to new process technologies needed for better energy efficiency and performance. Emphasis is on real time process measurements and how to optimize chemical consumption, lower water usage, and improve energy efficiency result at the mill level. Environmental impact and operating costs improvement will be reviewed as well. The seminar will be held in Helsinki on 2 June, just prior to the PulPaper 2014 Fair.

For more information contact Marketing Assistant Natalia Vyslovska at natalia.vyslovska(at)kpatents.com