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Refractometer Orders from Food Industry

June 16, 2011

Here, we will introduce two food applications that have foreseeable growth potential due to functionality and convenience being the key trends in food and drinks, which provide consumer benefits, saving both time and effort. These benefits also include health, freshness, taste, versatility and ethical benefits, and are often referred to as products that suit particular needs.

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AdBlue Urea Solution and Diesel Exhaust Fluid

June 15, 2011

The automotive urea AdBlue, also known by the generic name Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), is the registered trademark for AUS32 (Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%). The market of this urea-based, diesel fuel emissions lowering agent has not matured and AdBlue suppliers can expect a year-on-year growth of 40-50% in the coming years.

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Imperial Sugar Implements K-Patents Refractometer

April 26, 2011

Imperial Sugar Company (ISC) has consistently welcomed advances in production technologies designed to maximize efficiency and quality. In December of 2010, ISC Savannah Sugar Refinery in Port Wethworth, GA integrated yet another leading production technology into their sugar boiling process: the K-Patents Process Refractometer.

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Total Organic Carbon TOC

January 4, 2011

A new sales opportunity, along with the improved repeatability of K-Patents PR-23 Refractometer, can be found in the in-line safety monitoring of Total Organic Carbon (TOC), e.g. alcohols, proteins, sugars, fats, etc. in various wastewater streams in the corn sweetener and beer brewing industries.

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Tight Control for the Seasonal Influenza Vaccines Production

December 13, 2010

Seasonal flu vaccines production using ultracentrifugation for viral particle separation can be considerably improved by using K-Patents Refractometer. The fractionation of viral rich material can be controlled using K-Patents Pharma refractometer. The different fractions with viral rich and disposable material are separated based on their sucrose density gradients.

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