Regional Subsidiary USA

K-Patents, Inc.

1804 Centre Point Circle
Suite 106
Naperville, IL 60563

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Phone: (630) 955 1545
Fax: (630) 955 1585
E-mail: info(at) (this email address is in use and messages are redirected to Vaisala)

To obtain online directions from use address 1804 Center Point Circle, Naperville, IL 60563.

Sales, Application and Administration:

David DiCorpo, Regional Sales Manager, North East [david.dicorpo(at)]
Herb Betts, Regional Sales Manager, South East [herb.betts(at)]
Kevin Green,
Regional Sales Manager, West []
Eric Gronowski
, Regional Sales Manager, Mid West [eric.gronowski(at)]

Rick Rezek, Application Sales Engineer [rick.rezek(at)]
Tina Swehla, Administration [tina.swehla(at)]
Jill Fitzgerald, Administration [jill.fitzgerald(at)]

Technical and Service Assistance:

Mike Dedmond, Service Manager [mike.dedmond(at)]