K-Patents Registered Trademarks 

The trademarks registered in European Union, United States and internationally in major industrial nations (Madrid protocol countries) are listed below.

K-PATENTS Process Instruments

National registrations for the following trademark exist in the United States, China and Russia: SAFE-DRIVE.
The following unregistered trademark is used globally:


K-Patents Trademarks Usage Guidelines

Anyone who uses K-Patents name, logo or trademarks must become familiar with these trademarks usage guidelines to ensure proper use of the trademarks. Improper use of trademarks can result in loss of trademark rights.

Basic Giudelines

  1. The K-Patents logo must be reproduced consistently. Do not modify or alter the logo in any way, including size, proportions, colors, elements, type or any other respect. You may not animate, morph or otherwise distort the logo's perspective or dimensional appearance.

  2. The K-Patents logo is a one-color logo (red, Pantone Matching System PMS number 199) and should be used as such with the exception of a black and white application.

  3. Use only official electronic or printed logo sheets which are available from K-Patents or downloadable here.

  4. The font type at the K-Patents logo is Avantgarde. Avantgarde must never be used as a text font in any material associated with K-Patents or K-Patents logo. 

  5. The K-Patents logo must be accompanied by the ® on all materials. The registered trademark symbol should always be superscript. 

  6. Always include a reference to ownership of K-Patents trademark on all packaging, marketing material or ads whenever you use the K-Patents logo and/or trademarks, e.g. including the following line(s):
    The K-Patents logo is a registered trademark of K-Patents Oy. 

  7. The appropriate trademark symbol should be used with the first or most prominent appearance of the K-Patents trademark in text, and need not be used again in the document.

Always use the K-Patents trademark as an adjective, modifying the generic or common name for the good, e.g.:

Name Status     Description at first use






SAFE-DRIVE™ Process refractometer

SAFE-DRIVE™ Isolation valve

SAFE-DRIVE™ Retractor

K-Patents® Sanitary refractometer PR-43-A