K-Patents product lines are protected by global industrial property rights, e.g. in Europe, U.S.A. and Japan.

K-Patents' rights in the Patents listed on this webpage are associated with the following products:

Patents Duration
Process Refractometer PR-03/23/33 
JP 3301737 27.1.2019
US 9063020 23.2.2032
Process Refractometer PR-03M/23M/MS/W 
FI 113566 1.8.2020
US 6760098 1.8.2021
US 9028140 19.1.2032
SAFE-DRIVE™ Refractometer PR-23-SD 
FI 118442 17.6.2026
US 7631569 9.12.2027

Additional patent applications pending

Process Refractometer PR-23/33
FI 20106065 
DE 102011084387.6
US 13/273,907
FI 20106066
DE 102011094386.8
US 13/274,000


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