K-Patents History

K-Patents was founded in 1978, when the company implemented a CCD (charged couple device) camera technology into a measuring instrument, and introduced the first truly digital process refractometer.

Since the beginning, K-Patents has been particularly successful in combining innovations in several different technical fields, e.g. in electronics, optics, mechanics and physics. This way it has always been able to provide superior design and new features compared to the existing products in the market.

Today, K-Patents is the technology and market leader, and the fastest grown supplier of process refractometers in the world.


Launch of K-Patents Process Refractometer PR-43-G for Oil and Gas Industry Applications


Launch of K-Patents General Type Process Refractometer PR-43-G
Launch of K-Patents Sanitary Refractometer PR-43-A
Launch of K-Patents Pharma Refractometer PR-43-P
Launch of SeedMaster SM-3

2014 Launch of K-Patents Compact Process Refractometer PR-23-GC for the general industry small diameter and bypass lines
2013 Launch of the 2nd Generation of SAFE-DRIVE™ process refractometer with added safety features
Launch of K-Patents Process Refractometer PR-21-S (interchange for the discontinued PR-01-S series)
2012 K-Patents (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd was founded
2011 Launch of Refinery Probe Refractometer for Oil Refining Applications such as Sulfuric acid alkylation and Amine gas treating
Launch of K-Patents Field Communicator FC-11 to connect and to remotely operate K-Patents Refractometers via a handheld terminal
Launch of K-Patents Refractometer OPC Server that makes interoperability possible between the refractometer, automation and control applications
2010 Launch of Sanitary OEM Refractometer PR-33-AC for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and integrators serving beverage, dairy and food processing industries
Launch of Pharma Refractometer PR-23-AC and laboratory test cuvette for off-line laboratory testing and validation
2008 Launch of Atex approved Instrinsically Safe Process Refractometer PR-23-IA for hazardous areas upto Zone 0
Launch of Semicon Refractometer PR-33-S for ultra-pure environments and integrated process tools in fabs
2007 Launch of Digital Divert Control System DD-23 for recovery boiler safety in kraft chemical pulp mills
Launch of Semicon Refractometer PR-23-MS for real-time monitoring of fab chemicals
2006 Launch of SAFE-DRIVE™ Process Refractometer PR-23-SD for black liquor dry solids % b.w. in kraft chemical pulp mills.
2005 Launch of Process Refractometer PR-23-GP for industrial applications
Launch of Valve Body Refractometer PR-23-W and Teflon Body Refractometer PR-23-M for chemically aggressive liquids
2004 Launch of PR-23, the new generation of the K-Patents process refractometers
2002 Launch of Valve Body Refractometer PR-03-W for chemically aggressive liquids in large scale production and in large pipe sizes
2001 Launch of Sanitary Probe Refractometer PR-03-P for cookers and vessels in the food industry
Launch of Compact Process Refractometer PR-03-D for in-line industrial applications with small pipe sizes
2000 Launch of Process Refractometer PR-03-M for chemically aggressive liquids
1998 Launch of Sanitary Refractometer PR-03-A for food and beverage applications
1997 Launch of the first Foundation Fieldbus compatible Process Refractometer PR-01-S
1995 Launch of the Intelligent Image Analysing of the Optical Image
1994 ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, certified by Det Norske Veritas
1993 Launch of BASEEFA and FMRC approved EExia-model (Instrinsically Safe) Founding Fieldbus Foundation (Founding member No.14)
1992 Launch of the Fourth Generation Process Refractometer PR-01-S for heavy-duty industrial applications
1991 K-Patents, Inc. in Chicago was founded
1989 Launch of the Third Generation Process Refractometer PR-01-B
1986 Launch of the Second Generation Process Refractometer PR-01-E
1983 Launch of the First Digital Process Refractometer PR-01
1981 Launch of the Laboratory Refractometer LR
1978 K-Patents was founded