K-Patents – Core Values

Distinctive for K-Patents is to build on our culture’s strengths and characteristics, which make us successful, a trusted partner and a valued employer. Seven core values with a direct impact on the way we operate have been identified.

K-Patents is dedicated to:

High quality operations and products
by providing customers consistently high quality products, services and support.

by looking ahead to tomorrow’s technologies and exploiting innovations.

Continuous improvement towards excellence
by committing to sustainability, continuous improvement, understanding customers' expectations, relentless innovation and to the improvement of products, services and operations.

Being flexible, lean and getting things done
by building and maintaining flat and flexible organizational structures. These assure operational speed, strong focus on results without structural obstacles.

Credible and trusted business partner
by committing to long-term partnerships based on trust and personal responsibility. This involves strong work ethics, honesty and uncompromising legal compliance.

Good place to work
by valuing our employees in deeds and offering them an inspiring, challenging and trusted workplace.

Profitability and financial independence