K-Patents – Code of Conduct

K-Patents code of conduct sets out the principles of business conduct applicable to activities throughout the company and applicable to all employees. Our code of conduct explains how we aim to conduct our business in an ethical and responsible manner.

K-Patents has always relied and built on fair and ethical business practices, based on our core value of being a credible and a trusted business partner, and committing to long-term partnerships based on trust and personal responsibility. We support international standards on human rights, labor conditions, the environment and anticorruption. In addition, strong work ethics, honesty and uncompromising legal compliance is expected from every employee.

As part of our code of conduct, K-Patents has established an employee gift policy banning all gifts exceeding 100 EUR. K-Patents is against of receiving or giving any gifts that could potentially influence important business decisions. By this policy, K-Patents ensures the work ethics of our company and guards business relationships from gifts that could be interpreted as bribes (e.g. cash gifts or expensive presents). K-Patents also spreads this gift policy on vendors and other business associates.