K-Patents Applications in Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals Industry

6.01.00 Production of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) 

6.01.01 Pharmaceutical Fermentation
6.01.02 Solvent Swap or Solvent Exchange
6.01.03 Pharmaceutical Crystallization
6.01.04 Filter Cake Washing
6.01.05 Pharmaceutical Extraction: Herbal-based Medicine (If you would like to receive the complete application note, please contact K-Patents).

6.02.00 Pharmaceuticals Processing

6.02.01 Vitamin B2 Production Process
6.02.02 Aspirin Crystallization
6.02.03 Vaccine Production Process
6.02.04 Protein Concentration and Filtration
6.02.05 Penicillin Production

 6.03.00 Biochemicals Processing

6.03.01 Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Crystallization
6.03.02 L-Lysine Evaporation Process

6.04.00 Biopolymers Processing

6.04.01 Wet-Spinning of Alginate Fibers

If your medium or process is not listed in the Index, it does not necessarily mean that it could not be measured with a refractometer. There are thousands of unidentified potential applications where the K Patents process refractometer can be used. Please, fill in the Application Evaluation Sheet (AES) and send it to your representative or directly to K-Patents.

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