K-Patents Applications in Food and Beverage Industry

2.01.00 Alcohol Distillation

       2.01.01 Rum Distillation Process

2.02.00 Wine Production

       2.02.01 Wine Grape Process
       2.02.02 Wine Interface Detection
       2.02.03 Alcoholic Fermentation

2.03.00 Beer Brewing Process

2.04.00 Juice and Soft Drink Production

       2.04.01 Juice Evaporation
       2.04.02 Juice Blending
       2.04.03 Alcoholic and Carbonated Soft Drink Blending

2.05.00 Dairy Products Processing

2.05.01 Whey Separation Process
2.05.02 Milk Evaporation and Drying (En Español: Evaporación y secado de leche
2.05.03 Infant Formula Production by Wet-Mixing Process
2.05.04 Sweetened Condensed Milk Production
2.05.05 Yogurt and Chilled Dairy Flavoring

2.06.00 Coffee and Tea Production

       2.06.01 Tea Extract Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Filtration

2.07.00 Egg Products

2.07.01 Egg Separation Process

2.08.00 Fruits and Vegetable Processing

2.08.01 Jam Cooking
2.08.02 Tomato Paste Evaporation
2.08.03 Tomato Ketchup and Sauses from Tomato Concentrate Plant

2.09.00 Sweeteners

2.09.01 Standardized Syrup Preparation 
2.09.02 Honey Processing

2.10.00 Confectionery and Sweets Processing

2.10.01 Sugar Confectionery and Filling Cooking
2.10.02 Donuts Sugar Coating
2.10.02 Chewing Gum Coating

2.11.00 Tobacco Process

2.12.00 Food Ingredients, Additives and Flavors

2.12.01 Yeast Extract Process (En Español: Producción De Extracto De Levadura
2.12.02 Pectin Extraction and Evaporation (En Español: Extracción y evaporación de pectina

2.13.00 Fats and Oils

2.13.01 Soybean Oil Production
2.13.02 Margarine and Spreads Production (En Español: Producción de margarina y pastas para untar

2.14.00 Fish and Meat Products

2.14.01 Sausage Processing: Brining of Co-Extruded Synthetic Sausage Casings 
2.14.02 Sausage Processing: Preparation of Synthtetic Sausage Skins

2.15.00 Prepared Foods

2.16.00 Rice Pudding Production

2.16.00 Other Applications in Food and Beverage Industry 

2.16.01 Food and Beverage Interface Detection (En Español: Detección de la interfase
2.16.02 Monitoring Organics in Food and Beverage Side-Streams or Wastewater Streams 

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