K-Patents SAFE-DRIVE™ Process Refractometer PR-23-SD

K-Patents redesigned the original SAFE-DRIVE Process Refractometer PR-23-SD in 2014 to help operators to improve safety of the refractometer and wash nozzle insertion and removal operations.

Following the 2nd generation SAFE-DRIVE release, K-Patents recommends all original SAFE-DRIVE Refractometer users to upgrade as a preventative measure to enhance the product safety. The following product models:

• Retractable process refractometer PR-23-SD

• Isolation valve SDI-23

• Retractor tool SDR

• Prism wash nozzles with steam -SN and water -WP 

ordered between December 5, 2006 and August 8, 2014 with serial numbers between 7079-12669 are of original design.

We also introduced new SAFE-DRIVE Pocket Guides and SAFE-DRIVE Best Practice Guide, recommended never to operate the SAFE-DRIVE Retractor alone, and offered training to ensure that the SAFE-DRIVE Process Refractometer sensor and wash nozzle are correctly inserted and retracted by following the manufacturer's instructions and to provide hands-on instruction on the use of the retractable refractometer sensor and wash nozzle.

Separate upgrade instructions can be downloaded at this link (PDF).

Generation 1 instructions

SAFE-DRIVE™ Best Practices Generation 1 (PDF)

Safe-Drive Operation Guide Video
(If you want to watch the Safe-Drive video (Flash) on the iPhone or iPad we recommend to use Puffin Browser App)

Generation 2 instructions

SAFE-DRIVE™ Best Practices Generation 2 (PDF)

SAFE-DRIVE™ Generation 2 Operational Guide Videos
on K-Patents official YouTube channel