Brown Stock Washing (BSW) Pre-Study


BSW Pre-Study Brochure (PDF)
BSW Pre-Study Brochure (en Español) (PDF)

Brown stock washing (BSW) can be considered the key operation influencing the economics of the pulping process, as well as the environmental load of the mill. K-Patents offers a brown stock washing pre-study service for all pulp mill customers to analyze the potential for washing efficiency improvement and to assist in the implementation of refractometers in this costly part of the pulping process.

The service includes a 2-3 day on-site evaluation of the mill’s current brown stock washing equipment and control practices, as well as the identification of potential areas for improvement. K-Patents brown stock washing pre-study service can be customized according to the specific requirements and needs of our pulp mill clients.

For more information about our pre-study service, as well as details about other K-Patents services and products, please contact your local K-Patents representative or K-Patents’ Application Specialist Kimmo Koivula [kimmo.koivula(at)].