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We are excited to show our unique, new Sanitary Refractometer PR-43-A that brings improved levels of performance and a choice of user interfaces fitting best for various needs of applications. It is 3-A Sanitary Standard and EHEDG Type EL Class I certified.

K-Patents® Sanitary refractometer PR-43-A

The new K-Patents® Sanitary refractometer PR-43-A system consists of a compact or probe refractometer and a graphical user interface. The refractometer is a stand-alone device capable of operating independently. It has a measurement range of 0 to 100 Brix and provides an Ethernet or 4–20 mA output signal proportional to the temperature-compensated Brix value for real-time process control. Different user interface options range from a rugged, multichannel, industrial computer to a compact light-weight and a web-based version, and allow the user to select the most preferred way to access and use the refractometer measurement and diagnostics data.

The PR-43-A emphasizes on the ongoing shift toward the use of Ethernet, and the concept of software Apps that add significant new possibilities to combine, refine and use measurement data in various industrial control and automation applications. The PR-43-A Refractometer has a built-in web server with an instrument homepage for remote monitoring and access to the refractometer.

Full measurement range Refractive Index (nD) 1.3200 – 1.5300 (corresponds to 0-100 Brix). Withstands CIP and SIP processes. Completely digital system: particles and bubbles do not affect operation or accuracy. Patented CORE-optics: no drift, no re-calibration, no mechanical adjustments. 3-A Sanitary Standard and EHEDG Type EL Class I certified.




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K-Patents in food and beverage applications:

Beer, wine, non-alcoholic drinks, alcoholic and carbonated soft drinks, soft drinks
Application Note ref 2.01.01 Rum 
Application Note ref 2.02.01 Wine Grape Processing
Application Note ref 2.02.02 Wine Interface Detection
Application Note ref 2.03.00 Beer Brewing Process
Application Note ref 2.04.03 Alcoholic and Carbonated Soft Drink Blending

Fruit and vegetable juices, coffee, tea
Application Note ref 2.04.01 Juice Evaporation
Application Note ref 2.04.02 Juice Blending
Application Note ref 2.06.00 Coffee and Tea
Application Note ref 2.06.01 Tea Extract Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Filtration     

Tomato paste, ketchup, sauces, egg
Application Note ref 2.11.00 Tomato Paste Evaporation
Application Note ref 2.11.01 Tomato Ketchup and Sauces from Tomato Concentrate Plant
Application Note ref 2.07.00 Egg Process

Jams and preserves, puddings
Application Note ref 2.09.00 Jam Cooking
Application Note ref 2.16.00 Rice Pudding

Application Note ref 2.17.00 Yeast Extract 

Milk and milk products, whey
Application Note ref 2.05.01 Whey Separation Process
Application Note ref 2.05.02 Milk Evaporation and Drying
Application Note ref 2.05.03 Infant Formula Production by Wet-Mixing Process
Application Note ref 2.05.04 Sweetened Condensed Milk Production

Soybean oil
Application Note ref 2.12.00 Soybean Oil Production

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