Launching New Device: K-Patents Field Communicator

K-Patents introduces Field Communicator FC-11 that can be used for controlling K-Patents process instruments remotely. The Field Communicator allows you to access measurement data, diagnostic functions, and trend views via Ethernet connection and it is a perfect solution when you need to configure, update or verify your refractometer in the field environment.

The Field Communicator can be used for all K-Patents models with Ethernet connection (PR-23 and PR-33).

It provides an easy access to the field instruments in cases when usually a laptop would be hooked up. It can also be left inside the transmitter enclosure to collect data and trends over longer periods. The Field Communicator is powered by internal battery, USB or by a power adapter kit through the PR-23 Indicating transmitter. A built-in help function and a menu-guide make the FC-11 very user-friendly and handy tool.

The Field Communicator will be available in the beginning of 2012.

For more information: Field Communicator