New Reaction Zone Monitoring System (RZMS) for DuPont™ STRATCO® Contactor™ reactor has been developed.

STRATCO® - The World-Leading Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Licensor, has developed a new Reaction Zone Monitoring System (RZMS) for DuPont™ STRATCO® Contactor™ reactor. The RZMS system allows operators to measure sulfuric acid to hydrocarbon ratio and sulfuric acid strength in the Contactor™ reactor more effectively than a typical ratio glass and acid sampling system assembly.

K-Patents Refinery Refractometer PR-23-RP is an essential part of the RZMS system that also combines a ratio glass, acid sampling system, Coriolis meter, specially engineered piping, and the DuPont expert knowledge to provide the customer with an effective tool to monitor the Contactor™ reactor performance. The K-Patents Refractometer measures real-time sulfuric acid strength (wt %) and temperature which are displayed at the RZMS unit as well as at the DCS.

Without this important information, alkylation unit operators must rely on secondary or delayed data (sometimes up to four+ hours) to verify conditions in the reaction zone. Acid sample data is often available in other parts of the unit, but may not represent current operating conditions. Often when problems develop, the lack of real-time information (acid strength in the reactor, accurate acid/hydrocarbon ratios, etc.) can lead to decisions that exacerbate the problem rather than correct it. The consequences of these decisions will not only impact the unit economics, but may also create an unsafe work environment.

The RZMS unit will provide more confidence in operating the alkylation unit, especially at lower acid strengths. It will also help to avoid acid run-away that could result in lost production and increased acid consumption. The costs of an acid runaway could potentially exceed $10 Million USD when considering damage from corrosion and loss of containment.

 Download the Reaction Zone Monitoring System RZMS bulletin here.