Changed Phone and Fax Numbers at Headquarters

The phone and fax numbers for K-Patents Headquarters at Vantaa, Finland, have changed due to phone system upgrade.

The headquarters have a new switchboard system and all phone and fax numbers have changed. We have not moved, so address and emails are the same as before (see Headquarters contact page for full information on these).

When you call internationally, our new numbers are
Phone: +358 207 291 570
Fax: +358 207 291 577

When you call from within Finland, i.e. make a domestic call, our numbers are
Phone: 0207 291 570
Fax: 0207 291 577

Note that you always need to use the full number for domestic calls, even when calling from Helsinki region. The call price is the same from anywhere in Finland, from landlines 15.11 snt/min and from mobile phones 23.14 snt/min (as of February 2, 2008).

Any number for K-Patents headquarters starting with +358 9 (or just 09) is obsolete and no longer in use. Email your contact at K-Patents or call the new phone number if you need more information on this.