K-Patents’ new Sanitary Refractometer PR-43-A brings choice to customers

Food and beverage industry uses process refractometers for many tasks in various environments, and customization offers a great way to tailor the functionality for specific needs.

The first customization option comes when selecting the user interface. The most advanced option Multichannel user interface includes a high performance industrial computer that can be expanded with modules and connected with up to four refractometers. With modules, the industrial computer is cost-effective, but becomes expandable if new needs emerge over time. This means that the PR-43-A with Multichannel user interface can be connected to other measuring sensors to combine, refine and indicate multiple measurements just to name one of the benefits. A French fries maker, for example, could measure reliably Brix or concentration as well as conductivity at the same time. The latter measurement unveils how much dissolved salt and sugar is in the cooking water. Combining measurements saves time and costs, and it simplifies work stages.

The second option is Compact Interface designed specifically for the traditional need to display measurement values of one refractometer in the field and in control room environments. 

Choices and customization does not stop there. More and more users are shifting towards using Ethernet as it offers the possibility to add new ways to combine, refine and use measurement data. The new Technology Platform Four is a perfect match for Ethernet as it offers remote operation for configuring, monitoring, verifying and diagnosing the refractometer and recording real-time process data on production batches. In addition, in the Web User Interface, a standard feature in all PR-43-A refractometers, the measurement and diagnostic information can be fully integrated into user’s control system.

As high quality and hygiene are important to K-Patents’ products, also the Refractometer PR-43-A is Sanitary 3-A and EHEDG certified. In short, this demonstrates conformance to strict hygienic standards and product designs that have been tested, certified and verified by a third party authority.