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New Application Note on Vaccine Production Process has been published

February 26, 2013

K-Patents has published a new application note on seasonal flu vaccines production. The fractionation of viral rich material can be controlled using the K-Patents Pharma refractometer. The different fractions with viral rich and disposable material are separated based on their sucrose density gradients.

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Interface detection of liquid hydrocarbons using Refractive index measurement technology

January 8, 2013

A major south Texan refinery recently investigated a reliable way to distinguish between natural gasoline (trip gas) and two butanes (n-butane and iso-butane (2-methylpropane)) in its loading station. K-Patents Process Refractometer was chosen for four installation locations: one at railcar unloading station and three in the different product tank inlets.

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K-Patents Process Refractometer measures PAG solutions in heat treating quench systems

October 5, 2012

There is a growing interest amongst the leading aircraft and automotive manufacturers to install K-Patents Process Refractometer PR-23 in the Drop Bottom Quench furnace systems that are used for aluminum heat treating. Polymer quenchants are used to control distortion and to prevent cracking of steel during the hardening process.

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K-Patents Application of the Month: Sulfuric Acid in the Lead-Acid Battery Manufacture

March 5, 2012

Lead-Acid Battery Manufacturers gain great benefits from using K-Patents Teflon Body Refractometer PR-23-M to control the Sulfuric acid concentration in the lead activation plant. By measuring the acid concentration the correct power activation effect is reached and the potential acid concentration fluctuations are instantly revealed.

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