Brown Stock Washing

Brown Stock Washing might happen at very early stage in the paper making process, but it is an important step as it will affect all the subsequent production stages, the economics of the mill as well as the end quality of the product, the paper. 

Measuring Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) has proven to be a reliable parameter for measuring washing efficiency, because it takes account of both the inorganic and organic fractions, thus all washable solids (real wash loss) are quantified. TDS can be measured in-line with a process refractometer that provides real-time wash performance information, while enabling a quick response to potential changes or disturbances in the process. 

K-Patents SAFE-DRIVE™ Process Refractometer PR-23-SD for BSW is specifically designed for pulp and paper industry. It is for reliable and continous measurement of the total dissolved solids content in a fiber suspension, and for monitoring the performance of invidial washing steps continuously. 

• Indicates TDS in solution
• Suitable for all concentrations
• Measures precise concentration of washable liquid substances
• Detects organic materials with a large molecular size, such as lignin
• Not influenced by COD caused by methanol
• In-line real-time measurement, immediate response time, suitable for control
• Mounted directly onto the pulp line
• Low operating costs, maintenance-free

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