New Application Note on Chewing Gum Coating has been released

K-Patents has released a new application note on Chewing gum coating. Confectionery coating plays a decisive role in the final product's appearance and functionality. Fine coating has effect on the flavour and the quality of confectionery products such as the chewing gum.

Preparation of syrup for chewing gum coating starts with adding syrup components, in particular, sugar or its substitutes, e.g. maltose, and water to the mixing tank. The exact syrup concentration is critical to secure the correct flavour and gums not sticking together in the coating machine (drum). Chewing gum comes pillow-shaped to the coating machine.

The briquetted gum is then sprayed with the sugar syrup. Totally, in 5 hours of mixing up to 40 microthin sweetener layers are applied step-by-step to the chewing gum pads to produce crunchy coating. For instance, over 100 000 pieces of coated briquetted gum can be produced from a 200 kg batch. Out of specification sugar syrup may result in the gums getting sticky and the whole batch being spoiled. This may also cause the drum damage. After the chewing gum has been coated, it proceeds for packing.

Ref. 2.14.00 Chewing Gum Coating (pdf)