New Application Note on Alcoholic and Carbonated Soft Drink Blending released

Alcoholic and soft drink mix, e.g. Chuhai (an alcoholic drink originating from Japan) is prepared by mixing carbonated water flavored for example with grapefruit juice, and alcoholic beverage, such as whiskey, vodka or shōchū (a Japanese distilled beverage).

Quality assurance using in-line process refractometer PR-43-AC for fast and reliable product identification and set-point detection is important. Combining refractometer with automatic controls can minimize transmix of products, reduce waste, reduce the filling times, decrease safety risks, reduce sampling and minimize operator errors. A highly automated process is essential for achieving precise in-line alcoholic soft drink mix.

Ref. 2.04.03 Alcoholic and Carbonated Soft Drink Blending (pdf)