New Application Note on Polyethylene Fiber Antistatic Agent has been released

K-Patents has released a new application note on Polyethelene Fiber Antistatic Agent. Polyethylene fiber is known for its high strength and durability features. The material is used in a variety of applications, e.g., Tyvek® HouseWrap, vehicle covers, envelopes, medical and industrial packaging, and as protective apparel.

The polyethylene sheet is breathable and water repellent, prevents infiltration of air and water and allows vapour to pass through. The material is also strong, durable and puncture resistant. The sheet is made by spinning extremely fine high-density polyethylene fibers fused together to produce a strong uniform web. Inside the sheet antistatic agent is applied as a thin microporous film on a coarse fabric consisting of millions of small pores. As antistatic agent, isopropyl alcohol based solution is used.

Before the antistatic agent is applied, it must be diluted to 1.5 or 2.5 solution. The measurement using ultrasonic flow meter has proved to be inaccurate and unreliable. Moreover, it is highly maintenance intensive. Hand held and lab sample refractometry have proved to be too time consuming and disruptive. The solution concentration measurement using K-Patents Process Refractometer provides an accurate and reliable continuous measurement of the agent solution in-line. The K-Patents Sanitary Compact Refractometer PR-23-AC is used to measure the diluted solution of the antistatic agent before it is applied to the polyethylene sheet.

Ref. 4.10.00 Polyethylene Fiber Antistatic Agent (pdf)