K-Patents Support contents has been divided into the following categories:

Document and Software Downloads »

Approvals and Certificates, Manuals and Instructions, brochures, Application Notes, etc.

Competence Development Programs for K-Patents Sales Representatives »

K-Patents training and certification programs ensure consistent high-quality performance of our local sales representatives and technical support service providers

Technical Support Requests »

Information and contacts for technical assistance and product and application support

Troubleshooting »

Instructions for identifying problems

Return Policy and Request for Return Materials Authorization (RMA) »

Instructions for shipping any product/ item to Vaisala

General Terms and Conditions »

Warranty Policy and Claims

Product Support and Spare Parts over the Product Life Cycle »

Discontinued product models, availability on spare parts and service, and alternative models available as replacements

Product Upgrades and Notifications »

Product upgrades and product nofitications

FAQs »

Frequently Asked Questions »