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Patented In-line Liquid Measurements Worldwide
K-Patents' operations and resources are focused on various in-line liquid measurements, such as concentration and liquid density measurements.
K-Patents supplies Process Refractometers that are used in thousands of industrial applications around the world.
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January 20, 2015 K-Patents has released a new application note on bulk liquid chemicals identification. Fast and reliable interface detection is necessary for product identification and safe unloading. Combining an interface detection device with automatic controls can minimize transmix of products, reduce waste, reduce the filling/ unloading times, decrease safety risks, reduce sampling.

October 15, 2014 K-Patents has released a new application note on yeast extract application. Before the final stage of packaging or spray drying the yeast extract must be concentrated and pasteurized. This is the step where in-line Quality Control performed with the K-Patents Sanitary Refractometer PR-23-AC becomes important.